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Le CIM Toulon


Toulon (France) is a city in southern France, capital of the Var department, located on the Mediterranean coast. Toulon is a famous military harbour, also important for naval construction, fishing, wine making and also rugby team. The large clinic is in the city center surrounded by roads and providing diferent technical platform.

The Radiology Imaging Center

This center assembles 8 doctors specialized in 3 blocs: radiography, echography and mammography, is moving inside the clinic in an entire new floor. The floor is located on the second floor of a second smaller building, behind the main building.

The goal of the client

Clients came to create a global project. They wanted a real reflexion from the branding to the spacing. They knew difficulties of the place: flux. Depending on the location of the floor people will arrive from three differents places, added to the normal flux of doctors and patients it is the main problem. On the other hand, for the branding they want to show a good quality of the center, the cohesion of doctors and the "spirit" of Toulon.

The Concept

The intention of this project was to create a real feeling of expertise for the patient.
The name became "Le CIM Toulon":
- "le" (=The) give the idea to be "the only one", as a quality feeling.
- CIM means Radiology Imaging Center and is easier to use, to remember.
- Toulon permits to locate the place because the clinic wants to become an important platform on the region.
- The logo is a square formed with eight triangles which represents the eight doctors unified in one solid and structured group.
- The logo is dynamic and easily movable: the dark triangle points the CIM and can show the direction
on the floor. The dynamic square can be used on the branding.
- The color tone shows the medecine field of the CIM without being "repulsive" for patients.

The floor

The circular flow creates a clear accompanying during all the time spent in the building:
- 1 - People stay on the waiting room until they are called by the receptionist.
- 2 - Patients go on the office and meet the doctor.
- 3 - The doctor go with the patient on one of the block, on the private corridor.
- 4 - The patient leave the private space without going back to the doctor office.

07th October 2015
Cedric Fettouche

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