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The mimicry of the future - Experimental Art


During my exchange in Bangalore, India, at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, I had a course named "Inspired by Insects". We learnt a lot of things about experimental art, insects and media (filming, photography,...).

Insects and garbages

After a short period I defined my concept by creating a relation between insects and garbages:
On the forest, you can't really see insects, but they are everywhere.
On the city you can't really see garbages but they are also everywhere.

So the goal of the project was to do a critic about garbages on cities around the world and more particularly in India.


I started to take photos of garbages I could find on a park on the same way I would take insects. Then I started to classify different types of garbages inside the insect phylogenetic groups according to their specificities. For exemple a razor blade found on a park would have been on the Hemiptera group (cicada) also known for there symmetric aspect. An organic garbage would have been on the Ephemeroptera group also known for there short life.

The Concept

I finally developped a concept in relation with the mimicry of insects. The idea was to say some insects use mimicry to survive, they can hide themselves on trees, on leaves or any other natural background. If humans continue like this and garbages increase more and more we can imagine that after some generations only "adapted" insects will survive which will create new species with new mimicry, using non-natural background like plastic bags, biscuit paquets, cans or any other garbages. To develop this concept I kept this natural way of taking photos and created a possible evolution of a butterfly, recycling what Nature gave me and what industries threw away.

07th October 2015
Cedric Fettouche

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