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Bordeaux (France) is a city in southwestern France, capital of the Aquitaine region, located on the Atlantic coast. Bordeaux is the world's major wine industry capital, has the most part of the city on the UNESCO World Heritage list and actually try to develop a powerful Metropole.

Trees, tourisms and technologies

Bordeaux is the Best European Destination 2015, added to the development of the Metropole, which include the new fast train line from Paris, show that Bordeaux wants to increase the tourist aspect of the city. More than this, Bordeaux is also well known for technologies with, for exemple, the uses of augmented reality by the tourist office or with some major events organized by the city. Finally trees are also an important thing on the city, indeed they are all referenced online on this website

The application

This actual project provide a list of activities to create an intelligent planning for tourists who come in Bordeaux.

07th October 2015
Cedric Fettouche

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