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Les Musicales sur le Sable

The Event

Les Musicales sur le Sable (Musical on the Sand) is a main event during the summer in La Londe-les-Maures, where Classical music goes on the beach at the sunset for 5 concerts. This event welcomed more than 6000 people in 2009 and has hosted, among others, the musicians of the Paris Opera and the Toulon Opera.
In front of this success, the creator decided to develop this festival with three other events: Les Musicales dans les Vignes, Les Musical'Hyères and Les Théâtrales dans les Vignes (Musical and theatrical events on the sand and on the vineyards). The business manager wasn't sure about what to do on the branding aspect but wanted to keep some existing identities: color, photo of the piano on the sand.

The Main idea

After some researches, I wanted to create a global branding of these four events which will be known by citizens. The Concept was to play with colors and pictograms: 1 festival has 1 color and 1 pictogram. These four colors has been unified to one logo.

The logo

The logo shows the movement of the music with the visual of piano keys. Each key represent one event of the company "Les Musicales sur le Sable".

The Advertising posters

First posters will introduce these events with its colors and its pictograms. In that way I kept the original photography of the beach for people who already know the festival and then I developped the same struture for the other events.

07th October 2015
Cedric Fettouche

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