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I am a designer, strategist and humanitarian with experience in international cross-disciplinary team. I work on projects that have a positive impact on human and environment. I will decline opportunities that are against these values.


What makes a good designer isn't your title but how comfortable you can adapt to a context and choose the right tools & methods for the best outcome.

It’s the practice to involve the different stakeholders in co-creation sessions to solve a social challenge. Generally a urgent need affecting citizens that involves the public or non-profit sector.

More specific to the private sector, service design replies to a company’s need first by assessing and fostering customers needs. The solution can be a complex and contextualized product-service-systems.

Strategic design bridges the gap between business and design. It evaluates companies on the Danish Design Ladder and use tools to climb the ladder while reaching business needs.

A humanitarian worker works on highly complex and variable projects strictly focusing on affected people’s needs. He uses straightforward tools and principles like Do No Harm Approach to monitor the impact of his work.
Both designers and aid workers use “people-centered” tools to evaluate needs. Therefore both fields can help each others. Designers can bring innovation and aid worker can bring operational standards to designers.

A multidisciplinary design is someone that has knowledge -theory and practice- in the different fields of design. It generally refers to the three pillars of design: graphic, space and product design.



Analysis &Research

  • User Research Tools
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Co-creation Sessions
  • State of the Art Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Permaculture Analysis
  • Prototyping


Design &Strategy

  • Consulting & Implementing
  • Design Goals Identification
  • End-to-end design process
  • Concept Development
  • Value Proposition definition
  • Graphic Design
  • Service Design
  • Space & Product Design
  • Behavioural Change
  • Value-driven


Business &Management

  • Business Planning
  • Team Management
  • Project Proposal Writing
  • Stakeholders management
  • Innovation Roadmapping
  • Conflict resolution
  • Monitoring & Evaluating
  • Humanitarian Intelligence
  • Operational Decision-Making


Communication& Storytelling

  • Workshop facilitation
  • Information Design
  • Visual Communication
  • Photography
  • Storytelling/Videos
  • Public Presentations
  • Wordpress, SEO, Html/Css
  • Social media planning
  • Report to donors

A bit more about me

I remember during my Master in strategic design, few years ago, that we visited design agencies. They were presenting us all the amazing disruptive, innovative, creative projects they were doing and I would always ask at the end: “so what are you doing for the environment?” _blank_
Their answers, that I simplified for you, were the following: “our conviction is to deliver a project to our clients as quick as possible and as cheap as possible. So we don’t have the time neither the money for this shit” (okay I added the end).

That’s when I decided to pivot from the classic “diploma-internship-work” and go to Lesvos, Greece, to do humanitarian work.

I believe in radical positive impact: no weekend volunteering to give myself a good conscience but a 100% ethical day job.

I stayed on Lesvos for two years. I learned a lot about people, about myself. My friends describe me as the comforting presence in the middle of a stressful crowd; always with a smile and a plan. They trust me because they know I will try to understand everybody’s perspective, be honest with them and come up with a solution that works.

Step by step, I became a project manager and created with R4R’s team, Mandala: a child-friendly place right next to the biggest and infamous camp in Europe. I am happy to say this peaceful and playful place, with social and environmental values, is open and welcomes hundreds of people every day.

By choosing my path and asserting my skills, I became a more engaged person.

I met amazing people with similar values. People willing to collaborate, share and work step by step on improving this world for the common good. If you are a motivated human being or company having a similar journey then let’s connect and see how we can work together.

Let's connect, talk & collaborate!