Motivation letter

Hi ACAPS, you look awesome!

My name is Cédric and I applied to become your team leader in Bangladesh.

Why did I fancy you?

Information is both our thing

You bring relevant, timely and useful products to the humanitarian community.

Method is key

Both your reports and method (GCSI) are clear and well-structured.

Sharing is caring

You're not only gathering, but you're also sharing and teaching.

Why now?

In 2017, I took the decision to go to Lesvos, Greece, and work on the humanitarian aid sector. I quickly moved from a volunteer position to a managerial position. After more than two years on Lesvos, I am now ready and motivated to extend my expertise to a new context.

Why would you like me?

1. I am good at managing information

I always bring a personal touch to the NGO I work for, both internally and externally. As an experienced designer, I can perceive where are the needs and find feasible and strategic ways to implement solutions. When I was on Lesvos, one of the main issues was the lack of information and coordination between the NGOs. I always liked to understand the bigger picture. After a few weeks, I started mapping out all the NGOs of the island. NGO coordinators started to come to me and take a picture of the mind mapping I made. So, after cross-checking the data, I created a final layout.


Read more about this case study

This mapping of 113 services became a reference on the island. In one week, it reached +6600 views and +400 people downloaded the pdf.

OXFAM recently trusted me to work on a new service mapping. I organized co-creation workshops with creatives from the camp to better answer their needs.

2. I have experience with metrics.

This knowledge of the network was crucial for my position. I was the Outreach Coordinator on Lesvos for Campfire Innovation. My work was to bring different actors together by interviewing the NGOs and assessing their needs and resources.
While doing matchmaking and project proposals, our research shown that grassroots NGOs -in Greece- fails because of a lack of money. They rely too much on fundraising. So we gathered data about their metrics (20+) to find better ways for grassroots NGOs to collect relevant data for grant applications.
This work made my understanding of the different actors and how they interact each other more acute.

3. I have experience managing teams

My last job in Lesvos was as a project manager and volunteer coordinator. I was in charge of creating and managing a Child-Friendly Space.

My goal was to define a clear vision based on collaboration with communities and environmentally focused solutions. I also had to coordinate a team of 15 volunteers and 7 community volunteers on average.

Part of my daily tasks required me
– to ran a full analysis & risk assessment
– to organize the effective implementation of the activities (from budget definition to deadlines)
– to maintain high standards with our volunteers (monitoring)
– to develop a good relationship with our partners and donors

It also strengthened my character to fight for my ideas and care about the well-being of my team. Two important notions in the humanitarian sector.

If you have a few more minutes, I would advise you to watch this video and read the case study.

Read more about this case study

Are you ready for the next step?

My friends are describing me as a resilient and honest person with whom they would share their secrets with no fear. They trust me and I never gave them a reason to not do so. They say I seem confident, smiling and always with a plan but they would like me to share my thoughts more often.

I would greatly appreciate to give you the opportunity to make your own assessment by planning a video call in the following days.

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