Motivation letter

A picture is worth a thousand words. So I gathered a few for you...

*1 Mandala Child-Friendly Space

Our vision was to have a safe and collaborative place few meters away from Moria camp. I took a particular care in establishing collaborative and environmental-friendly solutions.

“Kids are playing on the street in the middle of the cars; at the wash facilities with black water; with the trashes all around. We can do something!”

Tips: The time-lapse is made to not have people’s face while showing their presence and motion. Privacy is important.

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*2 Faces of One Happy Family

“Working with and not working for” is the motto of this established community center. With 15 volunteers and 70 helpers, we can say values are well represented within the NGO. That’s why we always try to empower the visitors and the helpers on our social media. I tried to emphasize the diversity of such a small center in this video.

I also made the internal communication. Language can become a strong barrier so I created hundreds of pictograms to improve information flow between the people.

Tips: I can adapt the graphic identity to any context. Here the drawing lookalike is based on the history of One Happy Family: before the pictograms, people were used to draw by hand their announcement so I tried to keep a similar non-formal identity.

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*3 Lesvos 3W map: NGOs and services

It first started as a personal mind mapping. Fellow coordinators started to take pictures of it and told me that many people tried to do this with no success. I perceived a real need so I cross-checked the information and worked on a final layout.

This work had a large impact on the island and helped me on my daily work with people that I didn’t know but who knew the map.

Mind mapping ngos Lesvos
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A last word from my direct supervisor when I worked with a Search & Rescue NGO.

“Spotting is the most essential life-saving measure Lighthouse provides for safe-passage, and Cédric significantly added to this operation. Creating maps and distance references, Cédric’s guide refined our spotting methods and single handedly established the training strategy and standard operating procedures we continue to use today. Cédric is self-driven and an effortless leader, able to apply his creativity and strengths in any context.”
Jenna Smith – Emergency Response Officer

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