Office of Displaced Designers

Description: creative-organisation providing educational and professional development opportunities in design.
Job: Mentor
Activity: Support & structure a creative project.
Location: Lesvos island, Greece
Year: Oct 2017 – Jan 2018


The Office of Displaced Designers (ODD) is an independent, charitable creative organisation that provides educational and professional development opportunities in design. Bringing together refugees and locals in our central office space in Mytilene on Lesvos (Greece) we support multi-disciplinary projects related to and/ or impacting: the built environment, protection issues or cultural understanding.

What problem did I solve?

“Aspiring creatives based on Lesvos have been matched with international design professionals who will support individual projects during a three month pilot program. Proteges become active members of an inspiring creative community in diverse disciplines including photography, film-making and architecture.”

How did I solve it?

I worked with an Afghan teenager on a creative project. He wanted to teach Greek to Farsi’s speakers by using videos.
While his project was defined from the beginning, I used the mentoring sessions to show the research and convey the idea that he could create a better project by asking his potential users about their needs. We spent one afternoon in One Happy Family to interview people and do a survey to get feedback from the potential users.

What was the impact?

He published 25 videos of ~10 minutes and shared the links on the camp.